October 28, 2008

Car now tuned and almost ready to go

Simon made the drive to Wellington this Labour weekend to get the car tuned.

It has somewhere in the mid 800hp at the wheels range (will get correct figure!) and the only thing left to do is to change the brake rotors so he can run his new wheel and tyre combo.

First meet is set to be the test and tune at Meremere on the 16th of November followed by the 2 day Masterton meet the weekend after!


October 9, 2008

Well now i have something to report

I got told off for not mentioning in the last post that the car ACTUALLY runs!

It started without a hitch and sounds mean (actually got some neighbours out of their houses to see what the hell was going on!

Gearbox bits have all arrived and Simon has been busy in the garage sorting that out!

Hopefully the car will be run in up here when Andre is up next week before making a trek to Wellington to have it tuned in the near future!

October 1, 2008

Not much to report at the moment

The car spent a weekend on Redlines stand at the Speed Show. The car got plenty of attention so we were pretty happy about that.

We are currently awaiting a new gear set to come from Aussie - they are not in stock at the moment so we are having to be patient (which is killing Simon)

The car also now has its own enclosed lockable car trailer - painted the same colour with sponsors stickers to come!

Simon has also received the new feet for the car for the season - we put them on a test rim just to be nosey and now we have to decide on a new set of wheels for it as our old ones were a different size (they will also be for sale once we have located new rims!)