July 22, 2008

Going back together - 19 & 20th of July

Well finally the car is starting to go back together! All the fiddly wiring jobs are now out of the way, the clutch has arrived from the states and the motor is back in the hole!

July 9, 2008

Motor pick up

The next time Simon tells me to ignore the weather forecast and that the trip to Wellington will be fine remind me to bitch slap him!

Left Auckland at 2.30am with Feebee as team mascot. It should have been a sign when it was snowing before Taupo heading south. Desert Road was closed but this allowed us Aucklanders to have a bit of a play in the snow..

Waiouru looked stunning all covered in snow (guess people dont call Waiouru stunning very often). The rest of the trip down was pretty uneventful and we arrived in extremely cold Wellington at about midday.

On the way back the snow started pretty early on in the trip - again you would have thought we would have taken heed but nope...

Got turned around at Taihape and ended up having to backtrack through Marton to Wanganui. This is the rest stop at Taihape!

We couldnt find any accomodation in Wanganui or Patea so we ended up smuggling Feebee into a lovely motel in Hawera!

The drive back from the Naki is filled with a long gorge so although we left at around 7.30am we didnt end up getting home till well after midday

If there is any mention of shitty weather when we take it down to be tuned i am staying at home!

July 3, 2008

A look back

After looking through some photos of how the car used to be i thought i should post them to see how far it has come...

To start with.... we bought it off a very proud lady owner - man would she be pissed now!

The car was a black/green colour when we got it and we painted it this dark purple colour.

After a few days in the workshop we decided that the dark colour was rediculous if we wanted to keep it loooking clean so it went to silver...

TRYTNC Racing got in a full seasons racing and a cover of Performance Car Magazine before we secured a sponsorship deal with Xotica and as a result the car had another change in livery (and i can only tell you now how much i developed a hate for sanding - Kaz)

New Season ahead

Well i thought i should perhaps pull finger and start putting stuff on here!

Tis the 3rd of July and this weekend we will be picking up the new motor for the car. Forecast is for absolutely hideous weather so hopefully the Desert Road stays open long enough for us to complete our mission (plus i want to get some photos of the mountain and play in the snow if i can