December 9, 2008

Huge thanks to Fram Autolite Dragway for putting on an awesome weekends racing.

Our goal for the start of the weekend was to run an 8 straight off the trailer which we achieved!.

Car ran awesome all weekend and we ended up qualifying third which put us against Adam Wigg in the Skyline for first eliminations on Sunday.

Car ran consistant high 8's and a low nine.

Got knocked out in the semis by Dan Tye who was on a blistering pace and the car was running fantastic - dont mind losing to him! he went on to win the finals against Reece McGregor.

Simon saved the final run of the day for his best run - car launched awesome and run perfectly to record a 8.46 @146 mph

I managed to get either in car videos or start line videos of most of the runs except the really quick one so this will have to suffice!

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